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Crash Restraint News & Updates

Jumpstart Week 3 Class Notes: Armbinders, Corsets, Karadas, and Crotchropes



We started by covering several "karada" (decorative body harness) designs. I demonstrated how to form both diamond ("hishi") and tortoise-shell ("kikkou") designs; the only real difference being that the former has a single pair of side-ropes per section, while the latter has two. You'll notice that in the first link, an overhand knot is used to separate sections; in the second link some wraps between two ropes were used (a method I didn't demonstrate). We also used a third method, the knotless karada, where the separation is achieved just by crossing the two halves of the doubled rope one under the other -- and discussed that if you use a knot, you can use any knot you like, such as a decorative double-coin knot (not one I'd really suggest trying to learn from photos).

We also demonstrated how a karada can be tied anchored to the waist, without a crotch rope; here's a slightly more complicated version of that tie we did,...

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