Emergency Response [Level 4]

  There are 7 techniques you should learn before this one. Click here to add this tie as a goal and see them in order.


Basic emergency response:

  • Don't panic; stop and observe, think before acting
  • Don't take shortcuts (unless calmly considered)
  • Don't invent (unless you have to)

Getting down how you got up is always best

But can't do that if:

  • Rope jams (have marlinspike!)
  • Bottom incapacitated/freakout
  • Equipment fails (hoist electric, table stolen)
  • Complicated transitions (shouldn't be doing yet)

Tell bottom what's happening!

This article is a placeholder. Don't see any content above? That's because there isn't any yet. This is just here for keeping track of stuff that happens in offline classes.


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