Baltimore Suspension Intensive with Topologist

September 12-13th, 2015

Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 1pm-5pm

This two-day hands-on rope intensive will provide an introduction to Topologist's unique style of suspension bondage. Topics covered will include:

  • Efficient lift line management
  • Body mechanics of suspension for riggers and bottoms
  • Chest harness techniques to avoid nerve compression
  • Position-optimized hip harnesses and understanding effective hip support
  • Entering and exiting suspension gracefully from a standing position
  • Adapting suspension ties for different body sizes, shapes, and limitations

The material in this program is drawn from Level 3-4 of the Core Rope Curriculum, a trusted and proven system for bondage education developed by Topologist and taught in over 60 classes per year in San Francisco. This intensive format is supported by an extensive online database of videos, pictures, notes, and articles to help students retain and practice the techniques they learn.


In order to attend this course, you should already possess a working knowledge of basic rope bondage, and have developed good rope handling skills; 6-12 months of regular practice tying on the ground is recommended before attempting to suspend. In particular, you should be able to quickly and neatly perform:


Click here to register. Space is limited.

There is a Fetlife event posted for the intensive so you can see who's going, and also one with information about the party and performance on Saturday night.

There will also be an intermediate-level floorwork class on Monday the 14th. Registration details TBA.

Required Reading

Before arriving for the course, you must thoroughly review the following safety articles:

We will discuss some of this material in class, but will not have an extended safety lecture, in order to maximize time for hands-on training.

Required Equipment

You may use any bondage-appropriate 6-8mm rope for class; all techniques to be taught will work with either natural or synthetic line. However, please NO BLACK ROPE as dark rope is very hard to visually check for correctness.

Rope used for support lines must have a breaking strength at least 5x (10x when doubled over) the model or rigger's weight, whichever is greater. This means almost all natural fibre rope is unsuitable, except perhaps 8mm hemp. The rope used for support lines does not need to be the same material or diameter as what you tie with on the body.

You will need:

  • 6-8x 25-30' lines for tying on the body
  • 3-4x 5-15' lines for finishing up ties
  • 3x 30' strong support lines
  • 6-8x climbing-rated carabiners
  • A cloth blindfold, scarf, or other piece of fabric
  • A ring or rigging plate (optional but recommended)

See this article for detailed equipment recommendations.

About the Instructor

Topologist has been teaching rope bondage throughout North America since 2009. His non-dogmatic approach to rope combines concepts from Eastern and Western bondage, with a focus on safety, reliable ties, and adaptability to different bodies and play styles. He has invented numerous new techniques, including the popular Somerville Bowline cuff. He pioneered use of the inverted classroom in bondage education, has ties and articles featured in books by at least 3 authors, and is the creator of Crash Restraint.

In teaching rope, Topologist also draws upon his expertise as a photographer, engineer, climber, yogi, and aerialist; he encourages students to explore the mechanics, aesthetics, and experience of bondage from multiple angles, simultaneously developing muscle memory, intuition, and rational understanding. His classes are intensively hands-on while being structured to support multiple learning styles.