Building a Rope Kit
Getting Started with Rope
Negotiation and Consent
Rope Material Selection
Sheet Bend Rope Extension
Slipped Overhand Knot
Keeping the Center
Water Knot
Slipped Half Hitch
Double Half Hitch
Munter Hitch
Square Knot
Taut Line Hitch
Clove Hitch
Double Coin Knot
Sailmaker's Whipping
Common Whipping
Equipping a Bed (Nylon Webbing)
Figure Eight Knot
Lark's Head Rope Extension
Quick Sailmaker's Whipping
Site News & Updates
Thistle Knot
Traditional Rope Coiling
Sailmaker's Whipping (braided rope)
Basic Safety
Lark's Head Double Column
Wrists over Head to Back
Somerville Bowline
Lark's Head Single Column
Quick Shoulder Harness
Figure 8 Inline Double Column
Basic Crotchrope
Hishi Karada
Quick Shoulder Harness (Supine)
Captured Overhand Cuff
Somerville Bowline Double Column
Reverse Shinju
TKB Pentagram
Knotless Hishi Karada
Lark's Head Bar Tie (Centered, Alternating)
Reverse Somerville Bowline
Double Half Hitch Second Column
Ankles above Head
Collapsed Lark's Head Hair Tie
French Whipping
Under-ribs Kikkou Karada
Double Coin Hishi Karada
Tying on a Hitachi
Intimate Chest Harness
Mexican Handcuffs
Midori Lightning Harness
Texas Handcuffs
Pocket Sling
Slipped Somerville Bowline
Somerville Bowline Second Column
Bar Tie Behind Knees
Lark's Head Bar Tie (Centered, Split)
Lark's Head Bar Tie (Unidirectional)
Slipped Overhand Cuff
Unlocked Double Elbow Tie
Happy Baby
Ankles to Wrists Hogtie
Knees Apart Hogtie
Speed Hogtie
Ankles to Chest to Forearms Hogtie
Ankles to Chest Hogtie
Strap-on Harness
Advanced Nerve Safety
2 Rope Takate Kote (Wrap Twice)
Basic Armbinder
Extra Strict Armbinder
Head Harnesses
Bent Arms Behind Head
Lace Up Armbinder
Takate Kote with Separate Wrists
Hardpoint Evaluation
Basic Suspension Safety
Swiss Seat
Shinju for Suspension
Attaching Support Lines (Half Tatu Hitch)
Securing Support Lines (Wrap & Slipped Hitch)
Support Line Selection
Support Line Handling
Basic Seated Suspension
Secondary Support Lines (Half Hitches)
Long Gunslinger
Basic Face Up Suspension
Leto Hip Harness
Suspension Equipment Recommendations
Tifereth's Peach Tie
Booty Basket
Head Support for Suspension
Simple Arm Support for Suspension
Chest Loading Takate Kote v4
Reverse Kannuki
Gravity Boot
Akira Naka Style 2TK
Osada / Kinoko Style 3TK
Hishi Takate Kote
Daruma Shibari