Captured Overhand Cuff [Level 1]

This tie is the best general-purpose solution I've yet to find for when you need to add a limb into a rope that is already attached to something. It has some of the best attributes of both the Reverse Somerville Bowline and the Slipped Overhand Cuff, while being faster and easier to tie than either of them -- and far, far more secure than the Double Half Hitch method.

Here it is used to tie two wrists behind the back:

To tie an ankle to the chest under tension:

And this is a slightly modified version, for gunslinger-style leg loops (or other situations where you are coming into the cuff parallel to the limb):

The inspiration for this tie came from Tracker's work posted in this video -- indeed I'd say he got about 3/4 of the way there, and I just added a slight insight from my CTK research to make the final product a bit more secure; so Tracker deserves the bulk of the credit for this breakthrough.


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