Knees Apart Hogtie [Level 1]

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Notes and Resources:

One day Simon asked if you could do a hogtie that was good for sex. This is what we came up with:

  1. Put on a Quick Shoulder Harness
  2. Double column tie the ankles
  3. Attach the ankles to the back of the shoulder harness
  4. On each side, put a Somerville Bowline single column on the wrist with new ropes
  5. Bring the wrist to the outside of the same-side knee, spreading the knees out. Pass the rope under the thigh near the knee, then over the shin, wrapping the bent leg.
  6. Reverse direction through the bight of the Somerville Bowline, tightening the wrap, and do a second wrap back round the bent leg.
  7. Secure by going through the double-bight and half hitching, then add a cinch to turn into a double-column tie, and lock off.
  8. With leftover or a new rope, attach from the outside of the bent knee to the side of the quick shoulder harness, pulling the knees wider.
  9. Optionally, tie the forearms to the bent legs, to enforce bent elbows and further reduce arm mobility.

In you're not worried about your bottom struggling, you can just lock off and be done after step 6. The additional steps make it more restrictive and less escapable.


  1. userpic
    headsmith | May 16th, 2018 1:32am PDT #

    Can I see it?

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    1. userpic
      P0L | Nov 21st, 2018 12:01pm PST #

      Pictures would be helpful

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      1. userpic
        Neonlightning | Nov 9th, 2019 10:08am PST #

        I concur seeing it would be helpful.

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        1. userpic
          TheGeographist | Nov 12th, 2019 5:58pm PST #

          Can sort of imagine it, would love to see visuals!

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          1. userpic
            gared | Jan 2nd, 2020 2:25pm PST #

            Yes, this needs a photo reference.

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            1. userpic
              DeletedUser5983085 | Sep 21st, 2021 5:53am PDT #

              how and where do you attach the ankles to the back of the shoulder harness? are they leaning backwards do they have their legs tucked up against their sides/chest?

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