Swiss Seat [Level 3]


This is a great hip harness for your first suspension, as a top or a bottom. It's fast and easy to tie, and provides comfortable support in a seated or face-up position for the vast majority of people. It can also be used for inversions, but it's not the most comfortable inversion harness. In other positions it may provide some support in a pinch, but alternate techniques are to be preferred.

The original Swiss Seat is an old-school/emergency climbing technique where you tie a climbing harness with rope or webbing. This adaptation of it for rope suspension is one I learned from Sir C many years ago.

If you suspend someone by just a swiss seat, they will tend to tip over backwards and could hit their head; always attach the chest to the ring before going up in one of these.

Attaching Support Lines

You can attach from just the leg loops, just the hip wraps, or do a hanger incorporating both, which usually works best. Each option will create a different angle of support relative to the body's center of gravity.


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