Simple Arm Support for Suspension [Level 3]

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Notes and Resources:

This is a simple way of adding some arm support to a suspension where the arms aren't tied in to the suspension harness. It can be done on the ground ahead of time, or in the air during suspension. The nice thing about tying the arms in at the end like this is that if they start losing circulation, you can untie them and change their position without ending the suspension.


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    PungeonMaster | Aug 27th, 2019 11:21am PDT #

    Curious how much pressure is going on the arms? I avoid doing TKs but do like the look. Is this pretty safe in terms of not putting much pressure on the arms (and possibly nerves)?

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      Topologist | Sep 15th, 2019 6:09pm PDT #

      With this sort of setup, the arms are only supporting their own weight, so there should be very little risk of nerve issues.

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