Double Coin Knot

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Note that the double coin knot is closely related to the Carrick Bend.

Needed for:
Other ties related to: Decorative Knots


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    Despayre | Jan 21st, 2019 12:30am PST #

    This knot is only for decorative use? Will it collapse under load?

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      Topologist | Jan 21st, 2019 11:17am PST #

      This knot is closely related to the Carrick Bend (added links above), which is extremely robust in its intended use. So if loaded in a similar way, or if loaded fairly evenly on all 4 ends, it should behave well. There might be some combinations where certain ends are free and others loaded where it's less robust, but I'd imagine it's pretty hard to get one to slip in any configuration if you thoroughly tighten it. When used as a decorative knot, the double coin is often left with a fair amount of slack in it, and that could behave less predictably under uneven loading.

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