Getting Started with Rope


Basics for Any Play

Before getting into how to actually tie or be tied, you should spend some time learning about how to establish your boundaries, identify safe play partners and environments, negotiate for the play that you want, and so forth. The Topping Book and Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy are good introductory resources on BDSM play and relationships.

To hear an example of negotiation for a rope scene, check out this animation (there's also a text script linked from there, if you don't like the animated version). Note that in the example, they are negotiating for a very advanced and dangerous type of rope play (suspension from a Takate Kote), which I wouldn't actually recommend for a beginning bottom; but it's a good sample of all the things you should talk about with someone you want to tie with.

I've summarized some advice regarding the most common pitfalls while navigating the rope community in this one-page handout, which I encourage you to freely redistribute.

Additional Resources for Bottoms

While I encourage bottoms to learn as much about tying as they can, and in particular to view all the various safety information on this site, I don't currently have a lot of content posted specifically about rope bottoming skills. Eventually I hope to expand Crash Restraint to include a true educational program for rope bottoms, but in the meantime, I suggest you check out the following excellent rope bottoming educators:


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