Unlocked Double Elbow Tie [Level 1]

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This is a tie I developed originally for using the arms as head support in suspension, but it can also work well as a general purpose elbows-behind-the-head floor tie, if you lock it off at the end. I call it the "unlocked" double elbow tie because it doesn't lock off each chicken-wing (bent arm) separately; the ties are only secured once the elbows are attached to each other and/or the ring.


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    alchemist | Aug 8th, 2019 1:57am PDT #

    What should we be aware of when tying someone without great shoulder flexibility? Does the tie still work if you simply don't tighten it too much, or would the head's weight pull the shoulders further than they should go?

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      Topologist | Aug 8th, 2019 12:02pm PDT #

      The weight of the head shouldn't force the shoulders into a position different than where you set them, since the arms are supported, but if the elbows can't comfortably go very far back or together, you may not be able to get the arms into a position where they support the head well and allow a comfortable angle for the neck. You could probably do an elbows-wide version of this position where the head is supported by the hands rather than the forearms, but you might need to make some modifications.

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