2 Rope Takate Kote (Wrap Twice) [Level 2]

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Notes and Resources:

Kink Academy Video

Factors affecting first wrap tension:

  • Just pull really hard to center: top left wrap ends up a bit tighter
    • Why? Even if you even out, right wrap has mechanical advantage
    • Tighten right more to balance, and can even out post-lock, but still tight
    • If still uneven, can actually pull through lock between sides to adjust top/bottom balance
    • Can start with top wrap looser, but not usually enough to equalize
  • Alternate extreme: don't pull at all, put knot in current-tension spot then rotate
    • Then stem gets crazy loose
  • Can reduce loose stem effect by pulling wraps down; but shorter stem
  • Starting with wrists low gives you the slack you need without tightening or rotating
    • Variation: start with column tie out of position
  • Rotating a little before locking lets you get the rest of the way by tightening the loose stem
    • Sometimes you can get (some) rotation just by yanking (not reliable)
    • If you pinch wraps together, can keep even and encourage to rotate
    • It tends to settle back a little after rotating this way; easy to not quite hit center
    • Some may mix in a bit of slack from wrist position, tension difference, etc.
    • Every body also compresses different amount -- this is why this is so hard!


  1. userpic
    DeletedUser8120029 | Jun 3rd, 2018 3:44pm PDT #

    Hey, you can't view the linked video without paying although it was pretty easy to find alternate videos online .

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    1. userpic
      Topologist | Jun 4th, 2018 7:47am PDT #

      Yeah, unfortunately the free videos I could find for this had significant safety/accuracy issues. If you've got some good links, please share!

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      1. userpic
        blondmoeller | Oct 2nd, 2018 3:42pm PDT #

        Coyle this one from TheDuchy fill in the gap? https://www.theduchy.com/takate-kote/

        1. userpic
          Topologist | Oct 2nd, 2018 9:27pm PDT #

          That's far from the worst that I've seen, but I would not personally tie a TK as shown there. I suppose it would probably be fine for gentle floorwork use. I would definitely not use one like that for suspension; it's got significant structural problems.

          1. userpic
            broodeR | Mar 10th, 2019 9:25am PDT #

            What structural problems are those? As an educational point, it would be helpful to see what not to do – especially since in this instance seeing what to do isn't readily available.

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