Lark's Head Double Column [Level 1]

A column tie is a tie you make around any column-shaped part of the body, such as a wrist, an ankle, or the torso. A "double column" tie means we're tying two such parts together, e.g. tying the wrists to each other. This basic double column tie uses only the most fundamental building blocks -- a lark's head and half hitches. It is not the most fast and efficient double column tie, but it is easy to understand, reliable, and provides the opportunity to practice essential techniques.

You can also follow these photos.

The qualities that you are looking for in any column tie are that it distributes the force evenly across several wraps of rope, that it gets no tighter when you pull on the end of the rope, and no tighter or looser if the person in it struggles. For double column ties, this also means that when you pull on the rope, it shouldn't close up the space between the back and front of the cuff -- be careful of similar-looking techniques which split the ends of the rope and tie a knot on top of the cuff; often those constrict the limbs while under tension.


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