Daisy Chaining

Doing and Undoing

See Twisted Monk here, or Animated Knots for a clearer illustration of the process in non-doubled rope.

When you're undoing a daisy chain, there are two different loops you can pull the end out of. One of those will let you just keep pulling to undo the entire chain; but the wrong way will only undo the last link. You want to pull through the larger loop, the one than goes around >180 degrees.

For Washing Purposes

I don't recommend this for general storage purposes, but it's the perfect way to prepare rope for machine-washing. For that purpose, start the chain from one single end of the rope, not the center bight (i.e. looks like the Animated Knots example above). Make the chain loose, but put tight knots at the ends. Then it can just be chucked in a washer, as long as it's not one with a central pillar the rope can become wrapped around (in that case, use lingerie bags in addition to daisy chaining).

Note that jute rope is very delicate when wet, and shouldn't be machine washed; most other rope does great with the above procedure, though. For jute rope, draping it back and forth in the top rack of a dishwasher can work well; but it'll need to be re-treated afterwards.


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