Head Support for Suspension [Level 3]

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Notes and Resources:

This video discusses a few ways of providing support for the head during suspension. Never change other aspects of a suspension while the head is attached to the ring; undo the head support before coming down or making adjustments.

Here is a link to where you can buy the clever leather headrest. It's not cheap, but it'll last forever, Danny makes quality stuff.

Here is a way to tie the arms behind the head to provide head support. You can also use the hair for head support.


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    AngelFMS | Jan 6th, 2019 8:06pm PST #

    While playing around and practicing tonight, I made a version of that leather harness device with rope. Make a basic loop to act as the square basket, then then tie a slipped half hitch at each "corner" that you then lock with a regular half hitch, and you have 4 support arms to tie to and hook to the ring. I finished it up by wrapping the remaining bit around the two "vertical" parts of the basket to prevent them from slipping. The way I did it wasn't super neat, since I'm still learning, but it seems sturdy enough. I tested it some, put her head in it and I hold the 4 support arms. She pulled against it for a bit and nothing shifted at all.

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      Rahere | Apr 8th, 2019 6:39pm PDT #

      The headache (literally) with a rope head sling is that hair can get caught in it: you don't want to scalp your bunny.

      The link's dead, but the design is clear, and simple enough to be copied safely: 3x 4' lengths of leather belt strapping 1" wide x 3mm thick, 2x 2" welded D-Rings, 8 rivets, a hole punch, a hammer and a craft knife. Yes, I also started working in leather 45 years ago. LeProvo in York's where I'd get mine, but there's nothing complicated there, because it's a secondary support - just make sure the D-Rings are welded.

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