Traditional Rope Coiling

There is a large family of related but slightly different rope coiling techniques, which collectively I'm calling "traditional" coiling in the sense that they're widely preferred by practitioners of Japanese-derived rope styles.

There are (at least) three different ways of forming the coil -- folding, figure 8, and figure 8 with a single fold at the end -- as well as two different general approaches to finishing the bundle: by tucking the bight under the securing wraps, or by passing the bight through the end of the bundle.

Each combination provides a somewhat different compromise in terms of coiling speed, uncoiling speed, security, tangle-resistance, and bundle aesthetics. Which one is right for you comes down to personal preference.

This video shows two variations on the throw-the-bundle finishing method, and here you can see the more popular but less secure method of tucking a bight.

Erin Houdini has an interesting variation on Kink Academy, if you have an account there, as well.


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