Quick Shoulder Harness (Supine) [Level 1]

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Notes and Resources:

Tied While Lying Down

To tie while bottom is lying on back, form same weaving about shoulders and neck as in Quick Shoulder Harness, but position bight in front of one shoulder. Optionally, reverse through bight and double up with second wrap before locking off.

You'll notice the way I did this in the video, there are spots behind the body where the rope crosses itself. That was partly that I was tying from a super awkward position to not be in front of the camera, but this tie rarely comes out perfectly neat when you double it up, even under the best of circumstances -- so the doubled version is not twice as comfy as a single wrap, and I'll frequently not bother with the second wrap at all. As I said in the video, this is really for light-duty use.

Tied Standing, for Lying On

If you want the knots in the front because someone will be lying on their back, but are tying it while they are still sitting/standing, you can vary this design slightly by making an X in the back instead of going horizontally behind the neck. That will reduce force on the back of the neck, but be careful not to create bulk under the spine at the cross of the X; you may want to do some weaving to keep things neat.


  1. userpic
    PersianPrince | Mar 17th, 2019 10:54am PDT #

    Would you use this for suspending someone face-up? Or to support someone's shoulders if you're trying to suspend them at an angle?

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    1. userpic
      Topologist | Mar 17th, 2019 9:05pm PDT #

      Probably not by itself, but a similar pattern can be used as an element of a suspendable chest harness.

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