Ankles to Chest to Forearms Hogtie [Level 1]

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Notes and Resources:

This is a simple and effective hogtie using the same rope for the ankles and forearms.

Note that a disadvantage to this tie over the more basic Ankles to Chest Hogtie is that you must undo the column tie on the forearms in order to adjust the tension between ankles and chest. The advantage, however, is that it allows you to easily tie the forearms together without having rope slide down onto the wrist groove where nerves are vulnerable.

  1. Put on a Quick Shoulder Harness; secure it across the front of the chest with leftover rope.
  2. Double column tie the ankles with a long rope.
  3. Run the rope from the ankles under the back of the shoulder harness, reversing direction to tension it. Secure with a double half hitch positioned at mid-forearm (with the arms positioned straight along the back).
  4. Wrap the forearms together into a double column tie, passing through the space above the double half hitch on the stem to prevent wraps from sliding down towards the wrist. You may need to extend with a short rope to finish the column tie. If you extend with a long rope, you can add additional column ties at the wrists and/or above the elbows.


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