Takate Kote with Separate Wrists [Level 2]

  There are 16 techniques you should learn before this one. Click here to add this tie as a goal and see them in order.

Notes and Resources:

Start with a single column on one wrist, then tie a Double Half Hitch Second Column on the second wrist. Use extra hitches to center the rope on the stem between wrists if necessary, then tie the TK as normal from there.


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    charmingquark | Jun 3rd, 2018 1:59am PDT #

    Shouldn't this one come after the TK? Not a big deal, but it makes more sense to the structure of the curriculum.

    And thank you so much for putting the site up. It's really helping me get into rope.

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      Rahere | Apr 8th, 2019 4:16pm PDT #

      A frequent TK start is a double-column tie on the arms, which is a slightly tidier approach. It all comes back to the original rationale of shibari, the safe transport of valuable prisoners on foot over large distances. The less valuable ones contributed to the next year's harvest.

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