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YouTube Videos Fixed


I know some of you were having trouble watching some of the videos hosted on YouTube this past week; it looks like this was due to a recently introduced bug in the YouTube player used by some browsers, particularly Firefox. I've been able to work around the issue for now, so everything should be working again -- and I'm continuing to gradually move stuff over to Vimeo, which seems to be a more reliable platform.

Please let me know if you continue to have playback issues! Also note that for those on slow/unreliable connections, the video files can be downloaded for offline playback from my Vimeo channel.

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Vote for What You'd Like to See Videos Of


I just added a feature (as suggested by one of you) to allow voting on what ties you'd like to see me cover next as I film more videos. Now when you go to a tie that doesn't have content yet, you'll see this:



Ties that get a lot of votes will move up in my video queue.

If there's a tie you'd like to see me cover that doesn't have an entry in the database yet, just let me know, and I'll add it so it can be voted on!

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