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Upcoming Intensives in San Francisco and Baltimore


I have two upcoming suspension intensives; in Baltimore Sep 12-13th I'll be doing a 2-day suspension intensive, and in San Francisco Oct 3rd I'll be doing a one-day introductory suspension intensive that will be the first in a new series of suspension classes running Oct-Jan.

I know some of you have been wondering about the lack of posts here, and particularly the lack of video updates. Don't worry, more content is coming! The past few months I've been very focused on my in-person teaching efforts, as I've expanded my programs in San Francisco and begun running intensives in other cities. However, I remain committed to the CRC video curriculum as well, and hope to have time to make a new series of videos this fall. Be sure to vote for the ties you want to see on video, I'll be checking the most popular requests when putting together a filming schedule!