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Three Armbinders for Two Arms


Armbinders are a tricky tie -- they provide a wonderful feeling of restraint, but often cause nerve and circulation problems. The key to not having to untie your armbinder almost as soon as you finish it is to pick the right technique and level of strictness for your bottom's flexibility.

For escape artists and very flexible bottoms, the Extra Strict Armbinder can be made as restrictive as you could want, while still providing a lot of adjustability to get something sustainable.

When tying someone relatively flexible and not pushing the limits of their flexibility, the Basic Armbinder is a simple solution that works well as a component of larger patterns (such as hogties) because of its construction out of standard column ties.

For maximum comfort, and tying on people with limited shoulder flexibility, the Lace Up Armbinder is a beautiful tie full of creative possibilities. It can also be tied on numbers of arms other than two.