Rules of Thumb for Escape [Level 2]

  There are 4 techniques you should learn before this one. Click here to add this tie as a goal and see them in order.

Notes and Resources:

When in doubt:

  • Reverse directions (leverage!, friction)
  • Go the long way across (avoid vertical)

Also important to know the "rules" and goals of your bottom.

Summary of escape principles from other exercises:

  • Lock off each segment of the tie with a knot, even if you're not at the end of a rope
  • Don't run lines vertically up and down the body, wrap around horizontally
  • Watch where your knots and rope joins go to keep them away from hands
  • Fill the hole in a bent arm when tying it in front of or behind the head
  • Compressing squishy bits helps keep slack out of the rope
  • Watch out for ropes that can slip off over the shoulder
  • Anchor limb ties (particularly legs) to avoid their going off the end of the limb
  • Retighten previous stages as you go along by reversing direction over and pulling them at a right angle
  • Lock off on-the-bight cuffs by passing a rope through the bight (either right away, or as part of later retightening)
  • Single column ties are tighter than double, but watch out for rotation
  • Multiple column ties have more slack, but don't rotate
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