Securing Support Lines (Munter & Slipped Hitch) [Level 3]

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Notes and Resources:

Never put a non-slipped half hitch against a munter; it can still jam under high load. Always be sure to tie another non-slipped hitch with the bight of your slipped hitch, to lock it from accidentally releasing.

To neaten your leftover rope, pull a bight of the working end through the double-bight of your lock knot until it is even with the ends, then tie the whole bundle in a half hitch or slipped half hitch. Don't, however, get confused between locking off your slipped hitch (an important safety operation) and bundling your excess rope (an almost purely cosmetic concern). Get locked off securely, then neaten things up; avoid the temptation to try to consolidate the two into one operation.

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