Securing Support Lines (Munter & Daisy) [Level 5]

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Notes and Resources:

After passing through the ring a second time, do a munter hitch around the ring, followed by a slipped half hitch around the support line bundle directly under the munter. Daisy chain through the slipped half hitch 2-3 times, then pull all the way through the last link. Be sure to get all the slack out of the slipped half hitch and the first link of the daisy chain; otherwise that slack can feed back into the support line and lower your bottom a small amount.

Be aware that there are some popular methods that look very similar to this one, but are less safe. Those include:

  • Daisy chaining around the ring instead of pulling all the way through at the end of the munter hitch; this can feed a substantial amount of slack back into the support lines unless otherwise secured from rotating.
  • Not pulling all the way through at the end of the daisy chain, but instead bundling the rope with an unlocked daisy chain; this is potentially very hazardous, as it leaves the support line in a configuration where it can be completely undone by pulling on the rope ends.
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